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NEMA 23 hybrid stepper motor application field
Jan 12, 2023

The NEMA 23 Hybrid stepper motor is a kind of electric power transmission device which converts electric energy directly into mechanical energy of linear motion. It can save a lot of intermediate transmission mechanism, speed up the system to reflect the speed, improve the accuracy of the system, so it has been widely used. The types of linear motors can be divided into structural forms; Unilateral flat type, bilateral flat type, disk type, cylinder type (or called tube type), etc.; According to the working principle, it can be divided into dc, asynchronous, synchronous and stepping. The following is a brief introduction to the hybrid stepper motor which is simple in structure, convenient in use and reliable in operation.

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The NEMA stepper motor manufacturer's hybrid stepper motor consists of stator, actuator and moving support wheel. In order to ensure a good electromagnetic field coupling between stator and actuator within the travel range, the stator and actuator have different core lengths. Stator can be made into short stator and long stator two forms. The long stator structure is seldom used because of its high cost and running cost.

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