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nema stepper motor manufacturer does not talk about the motor power reasons
Feb 16, 2023

For some customers to ask about the power of the stepper motor for a simple overview:We in the practical design calculation or practice, to the nema 23 hybrid stepper motor, we usually don't say power, because of the stepper motor power is the value of change, is unable to accurately measure, we usually in the selection, or the process of communication, is often mentioned the technical parameters of step motor current, voltage, torque, the stepper Angle, rotational speed, Of course, the most important parameter of stepper motor selection standard is torque.

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There are clear stepper motor parameters (current, voltage, torque, etc.) in the stepper motor data to customers. If you don't understand, you can ask the manufacturer or dealer for support. Generally speaking, the closed loop stepper motor nema 23 is not marked with power, because it is determined to calculate power, which is the current of continuous rotation of the equipment multiplied by the working voltage. This calculation method is not accurate, but can only be estimated and calculated as a reference value.

So nema stepper motor manufacturers generally do not speak of the power, because the motor in the control speed is faster or slower, the consumed power is changing, not specific, we often use the state is in accordance with the single step rotation, every step will have multiple sets of or a set of coil will be powered, due to the different ways of stepper motor's winding, Plus the internal resistance of the coil is different, then the resulting impedance is different.

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