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How to choose closed loop stepper motor NEMA23?
Apr 20, 2023

First of all, the closed loop stepper motor NEMA23 cannot solve the characteristic that the stepper motor itself decreases with the increase of torque, nor can it increase the torque and speed by increasing the rated current of the stepper motor itself. Some enterprises claim that stepper motors and encoders can increase the torque and speed of stepper motors, which is purely a marketing strategy, is false propaganda.The significance of adding encoder to stepper motor is to transform open-loop control of stepper into closed loop control. It was a cross between stepper and servo and filled some gaps in the market.

The closed loop stepper motor NEMA23 and servo difference:

One is the rotational speed.

With the addition of closed-loop control, the stepper motor can achieve high speed operation, which can almost rival the servo motor speed, but also retains the low speed characteristics of the traditional stepper motor. Servo motor can show its performance at high speed when high speed becomes low speed or static overshoot.

use of the closed loop stepper motor NEMA23

Second, moment frequency characteristics.

The faster the speed of the closed loop stepper motor NEMA23 is, the less the torque is. The torque of the servo motor is constant within the rated speed.

Third, overload capacity.

Closed loop stepper motor has a short time (such as times) overload output capacity, improving the dynamic response capacity of the stepper motor. Servo motors are usually overloaded by a factor of three.

Fourth, the difficulty of debugging.

The adjustment and use of the closed loop stepper motor NEMA23 are very simple, just adjust the position of a few potentiometers of the driver. Servo motors have hundreds of parameters, which are complex to adjust and often require experienced engineers to adjust.

Fifth, noise, heat, and vibration.

The closed loop stepper motor NEMA23 and the servo motor have almost no difference in noise, heat, and vibration when the application environment is not particularly strict, but the servo motor is still a little superior.

Working mode.

The operating modes of the closed loop stepper motor NEMA23 include position mode and speed mode (the integrated stepper motor supports multiple far-point regression modes), and the servo motor supports position mode, speed mode, and torque mode.

In short, you need to choose your motor according to your application and budget. Each of these motors has its own characteristics and values.

Closed-loop stepper motors with encoders for NEMA23 applications.

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