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Why choose the integrated closed loop stepper motor nema 23?
May 18, 2023

Advantages of integrated closed loop stepper motor nema 23: compact structure, compact volume, and because the drive and motor integration, saving the connection between the drive and the motor reasonably reduce the impact of the motor cable, reduce the interference signal between the wires; The selection of better vibration technology and low heating technology, reasonable solution to the motor and driver heating, vibration and noise problems.

closed loop stepper motor nema 23

Main parameters of integrated closed loop stepper motor nema 23:

1, working standard voltage: DC input working voltage 15VDC ~ 50VDC, strongly recommended working standard voltage 36V

2, Continuous output maximum current 8.2a, maximum current 13A(excellent stepper servo load working capacity)

3, can accept differential signal and single-ended pulse/azimuth command, with position/speed/torque three control modes

4. Technology of FOC electromagnetic field precise positioning control system and indoor space vector material pulse-width modulation (SVPWM) closed-loop control system

5, the selection of excellent transformer flow technology and frequency conversion technology, reasonably reduce the heat of the motor and driver

6, the number of pulses per cycle can be adjusted according to the mobile phone software or dial code setting (fine differentiation)

7. It has the function of driving voltage, undervoltage protection, overcurrent and deviation maintenance

8, single/double pulse mode, pulse reasonable edge can be selected

9, control code large pulse frequency is 500KHz(the factory default setting is 200KHz)

10, pulse, azimuth and data signals can also be input into the socket pulse signal is 4.5-28V compatible

11, with serial communication RS232 adjustment function, but need to use the enterprise special type of serial port debugging cable

12, characteristics: stable rate, small overshoot, small tracking error, closed loop stepper motor nema 23 and driver low heat

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